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Tofu production line

Tofu production line

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The traditional method of making tofu is too low. Now the supply and demand of tofu is very large, and even the tofu machine can no longer meet the production demand.Tofu production lineThe emergence of has changed people's views on making tofu, automated production, greatly improved production efficiency, making tofu production easy and simple.
The advantages of the tofu production line: it is very nutritious. Compared with the traditional long-term burning tofu, the tofu production line uses electronic heating. The heat is generated by the friction between the molecules of the soy milk. The heated soy milk is not burnt and not paste, and the protein in the soybean is not destroyed. The soy products produced are very nutritious, original and delicious.
In order to obtain the ideal separation effect, tofu production line should pay attention to the following points according to the process operation
  1 The grinding paste and dilution water should be quantitative and stable, and no flow slurry should be discharged under the centrifuge to keep the okara dry.
  2. The separation process should be carried out continuously, and the temporary shutdown should be minimized to ensure the production stability and the concentration of soybean milk. The raw pulp storage should be strictly controlled according to the progress of production. In general, the storage time on cold days should not exceed { {1}} minutes, hot days should not be higher than 10-15 minutes.
  3 The centrifugal bags used in the tofu production line should be frequently washed and cleaned, and strictly checked whether the centrifugal bags are intact or damaged to prevent the soybean dregs from being mixed into the puree and affecting the production efficiency.