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Dried bean machine

Dried bean machine

Product Details

Dried bean machineAdopt computer automatic control system, new pulping technology, instant heating, the bean drier will run automatically, farewell to the manual workshop.
Features of automatic bean drier machine:
  1, automatic suppression during the whole process, human-controlled mechanical operation;
  2. The pressing procedure can be set according to different requirements.
  3, the thickness of the dried bean products is uniform, and the water content is the same
Dried bean machine product details:
  1. Brainstorming automatically
Push button to control brain splashing
  2. Use roller skating track
After the brain splashing is completed, the slurry pressure suitcase is directly transferred to the press through the slideway without manual movement
  3. Air pressure
Set the pressing interval directly. After setting, no manual care is required, and other work can be continued.
Among them, the hand-made dried bean machine is suitable for small and medium-sized dried bean curd processing, producing 50-100 kg dried bean curd at a time; suitable for the production of dried bean curd, soya bean soy, smoked dried etc. The automatic bean curd machine is suitable for medium-sized bean curd processing, small and medium-sized bean food factory, food factory, etc. There are different configurations of 200-500 pounds of dried bean curd. The NC dried bean production line is a large-scale dried bean processing equipment. The current production is up to 600 kg!
  1 The bean curd machine that can be operated by humans is easy and simple to operate. There are many models to choose from. Welcome to call Qingzhou Jinfuwang Food Machinery Co., Ltd.

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