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Dry tofu machine

Dry tofu machine

Product Details

In recent years, dried tofu has become an important food in people ’s lives, and the demand is increasing. However, due to the relatively backward equipment for processing dried tofu, the labor intensity of the workers, and the quality of the products, etc. Greatly increased the production cost of dried tofu, which is not conducive to competition with the market. This backward situation urgently needs to be changed. Most manufacturers of dried tofu have never engaged in the processing and production of dried tofu. In this way, the dried tofu produced will often form a lot of tofu flakes.
Tofu skin has high nutritional value, large market demand and strong development. At present, the tofu skins on the market are basically produced in handicraft workshops, with low efficiency, irregular appearance, inconsistent thickness, and no market competitiveness. After years of research, Qingzhou Jinfuwang Food Machinery Co., Ltd.Dry tofu machine, To industrialize the production of tofu skin. The dried tofu machine has high production efficiency, low cost, wide and narrow self-adjusting, saving time and effort; the dried tofu skin produced has bright color, good taste and good market reputation.
The variety of products produced by the dried tofu machine can produce various flavors of tofu silk, tofu rolls, dried tofu and other flavored foods. It is very popular among consumers. It is really a multi-purpose machine, diverse products, broad market, and rich money. Once you have it, do nothing! Compared with the artificial tofu skin machine, the automatic dry tofu skin machine can be called a tofu skin machine with a high output!