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Slag loading machine

Slag loading machine

Product Details

Slag loading machine(Also called automatic slag mixing machine) is to pump the ground okara directly into the bucket, mix it with water, and then automatically pump it into the feed port of the beating machine for the next beating. In other words, on the automatic slag loading machine, the slag ground by the pulper does not need to be manually stirred with water, and then put into the pulper for grinding. It is mechanically agitated and automatically added to the pulper for grinding, which can reduce the labor intensity of workers and speed up, and is very suitable for large-volume processing.
The slag loading machine is suitable for processing soybean products. This machine is made of stainless steel and has the functions of stirring and automatic slag discharge. It is composed of circuit control system such as stainless steel slag barrel, suction pump, slag barrel, automatic slag feeder and so on. Configure the capacity of the bucket according to user needs. The equipment has compact structure, convenient operation and continuous transportation. One person can operate production. An automatic slag feeder is added, which saves labor and realizes mechanized production (the wheels move easily and quickly).
The slag loading machine is a tool for producing soybean products. In general, grinding soybean milk requires three grindings. Each time the soybean milk is refined, it is necessary to manually stir and add slag to the refiner. Physical labor is heavy and slow. The slag loading machine can realize automatic stirring of slag and automatically draw the slag into the pulper, which can improve work efficiency and reduce labor intensity.
The slag loading machine is used in conjunction with the refining machine, and has the functions of stirring and slag drawing and grinding, which can effectively reduce physical labor and improve the efficiency of the refining machine.