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Small tofu machine

Small tofu machine

Product Details

Everyone is buying Qingzhou Jinfuwang Food Machinery Co., Ltd.Small tofu machineIn the future, we will arrange the staff to carry out detailed technical training for customers, teaching by the hands, until the customer learns. Technical training for customers not only allows customers to quickly master the use of small tofu machines, and then put them into use quickly; at the same time, it also tells customers in detail the precautions for the use of small tofu machines. All safety is important to ensure that customers use Security. What are the precautions for the small tofu machine in normal use? Let us take a look.
Attentions when using small tofu machine:
  1, refining:
When the small tofu machine is beating, the amount of water should be adjusted, and some soybeans should be added to the funnel. When water is lost, the bean dregs are discharged from the dregs mouth, and it is better not to contain pulp. Then put the soybeans in the funnel to make pulp.
  2. Boiled pulp: When the pulp is fully boiled, heating should continue for 3-5 minutes. When the soy milk is discharged, a lot of steam will be sprayed out and slowly opened to avoid burns.
  3. Cleaning: After putting the soy milk in the small tofu machine, clean it according to the following requirements.
  1) Refiner: Open the grinding cover, clean the residue, scrub the inner shell of the refiner with a small amount of water and cloth, and it is strictly prohibited to rinse directly with water. After rinsing, the refiner and hopper are restored, and air milling is carried out for 1-2 minutes by pressing the switches of the refiner and inlet valve.
  2) Drum and steam pipe in the drum: Remove the steam pipe, clean the drum with water, dredge the small holes on the steam pipe, and install after cleaning. Every time you clean, you must pay attention to dredge the small holes in the steam pipe.