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Automatic tofu machine

Automatic tofu machine

Product Details

allAutomatic tofu machineThe operation is flexible and the production process is short. It can be sold now and sold. It can be said that the appearance and use of automatic tofu machines have solved many problems in the processing of soy products and solved the problem of supply shortage in peak season. But you need to understand the basic requirements to be met by the automatic tofu machine:
  1 、 Relevant operators should undergo health checkups, obtain relevant certifications, and provide training in food hygiene and other aspects. Wear work clothes, shoes, hats, masks, hair exposure, nail polish, ring-like jewelry, smoking, spitting, etc. according to work requirements. In addition, the staff should be disinfected according to regulations.
  2. There is no source of diffusion pollution around the fully automatic tofu machine processing plant. The water quality must be up to standard, the terrain is high and dry, and there are good sewage treatment equipment and schemes. For the proper disposal of waste, the roof and walls must be free. There is peeling, mildew occurs, and the material is non-toxic and has a light color.
  3 、 Check the raw materials before processing to ensure that the raw materials are fresh and free from spoilage. The processed and semi-finished products must be stored separately according to the requirements. Cleaning and disinfection treatment.