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Bean skin machine

Bean skin machine

Product Details

Fully automatedBean skin machineApplication has brought great convenience to people's lives. With the popularization of bean hull machine, attention should be paid to the use of equipment. If improperly operated, it may cause some damage. The first thing to do when using a bean curd machine is the equipment installation. Next, we will take you through the five points that you need to pay attention to when installing the bean curd machine:
  1 Due to the large amount of water in the tofu production workshop, we must install a leakage protector on the main power supply when installing the bean curd machine, and install a ground wire on each unit when installing the unit. To the role of protection.
  2 The motor rotating device should be placed against the wall to avoid inserting your hands into the wheel, and children are prohibited from entering the work place.
  3. During the production process, if the motor has noise, strange noise, overheating, burning smell, smoke, etc., it should be turned off in time and shut down for inspection.
  4 When installing the bean curd machine, ensure that the ground is flat, and the front, back, and left sides of the fuselage must be level. Otherwise, the quality of the tofu skin will be affected, and the automatically folded tofu skin will also be uneven.
  5 In order to avoid the phenomenon of peeling or peeling when the new bean skin machine is used, the new bean curd skins need to be cooked in alkaline water for 1 hours.

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