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Imitation handmade bean hull machine

Imitation handmade bean hull machine

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Thousands of blinds are made from local varieties of soybeans. When soybeans are beaten, roasted embryos, filtered, pulped, and scooped, a thousand pieces of tofu skin can be scooped 70, followed by pressing water, peeling Boiling the skin, this series of processes are all refined by multiple processes such as filtration, conjunctiva, fishing, drying in the high temperature of 40 ℃. The local people send thousands of tofu skins during the holidays. It contains 35-40% of protein, 25-30% of polysaccharide, as well as more trace elements needed by human body, easy to absorb, and its nutritional value is very high. The equipment for producing it is the imitation handmade bean hull machine.
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  1. The imitation hand-made bean hull machine is easy to rust if not used for maintenance and maintenance. It is easy to cause damage to the body and reduce the life of the machine. Maintenance. Test the condition of the machine in advance before production every day to check whether it is operating normally and avoid jamming during food production, which will affect the quality and output of food. This step is also very important for us.
  2. During use, if rust is found on the frame of imitation handmade bean hull machine, anti-rust paint should be added to prevent rust corrosion and affect the service life of the machine.
  3. After running for several hours, the artificial bean curd machine should be fully lubricated with bearings, check the gear oil in the gear box, and reduce the wear and consumption of mechanical parts. This helps to operate the machine better.