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Oil skin machine

Oil skin machine

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Soybean oil skin is also called yuba, you only know that soybean oil skin is delicious, but you know that 12 pounds of soybean milk can produce 2 pounds of fresh soybean skin. }}}} Dried soybean hulls. In the yuba processing workshop, we saw 3 items arranged neatly in the workshopOil skin machineOn the production line, seven or eight workers are busy in the workshop.
The yuba pot consists of two layers, the lower layer is heated, and the upper layer is made up of 8 long 1 meters wide and 2 meters stainless steel oil skin machine. The yuba pot is divided into squares of uniform size by wooden strips. The bottom layer is heated, and the stainless steel yuba pot is slowly roasted. The soy milk does not boil in the yuba pot, but it slowly emits bursts of heat and permeates the thick bean fragrance.
Due to the heating, the surface of the soy milk will shake slightly, but after a while, an oil film will appear-the soy oil in the soy milk will float to the surface-wait for a while, and the oil film will thicken and become the soybean oil skin.
Seeing the appearance of soybean oil skins, the skilled worker would pick up a small spatula and slide around the square to separate the condensed soybean oil skins from the wooden strips. After seeing the separation, the technical worker lifted the two corners of the oil skin and quickly lifted the whole skin, so that a piece of soybean oil skin came out of the pulp. Put the peeled soybean oil skin lightly on the iron frame, dry it for a while, and then package and sell it after drying.
This is the processing of the oil skin machine. The skilled workers are making bean skin all day, although it seems time-consuming and labor-intensive. But the soybean oil skin made by this method is delicious and nutritious, so it is very popular among diners.