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Fully automatic biscuit maker

Fully automatic biscuit maker

Product Details

Biscuits, one of the common staple foods in China, vary from south to north, varying with the region, ranging from square to round, sweet and salty, filled and unfilled, and full of flavor. Qingzhou Jinfuwang Food Machinery Co., Ltd.Fully automatic biscuit makerAs long as the reconciled dough is put into the hopper, the blank making device can automatically divide the dough into small ingredients, and then pass through a heating and setting device that rotates like a ferris wheel to bake into delicious scones.
After some adjustments, the automatic biscuit maker finally runs smoothly, squeezing the ingredients, feeding, pressing the cake, the movement is consistent, and the cycle is repeated.
But at the beginning, the biscuits made by the automatic biscuits machine had different colors, and there were still some cases that were not cooked. What is going on?

After the improvement of the technicians, the new automatic biscuit machine is mainly composed of three parts: the blank making device, the rotating setting device, and the baking device. After the dough enters the hopper, it is fully kneaded by the blank making device, pushed out, and cut off In the sizing pot of the sizing device, squeeze up and down to make cakes, heat and set.
Then rotate to the next shaping pot and cycle back and forth. After one rotation, the biscuits complete the shaping, automatically unload into the baking device, move and bake through the tunnel oven, and complete the whole process of biscuits making, shaping, baking and baking.
The automatic biscuits machine has high production efficiency. The baked biscuits are golden in color and tender on the outside, making people want to stop.