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The rapid growth of automatic tofu machine

Tofu, soy products, and fermented soybeans have a wide variety, complex taste, and good flavor. According to legend, tofu was invented by Liu An, the king of Huainan in the Han Dynasty. The production and processing of tofu is a very complicated process, involving several comprehensive subjects such as biochemistry and physical chemistry. We will not repeat them here. Today I am mainly talking about a new kind of machinery for producing tofu——Automatic tofu machine.
Traditional methods of making tofu: soaked soybeans, ground soy milk, diluted with water, filtered, boiled, filtered, bittern, pressed plate forming.
The automatic tofu machine is a machine that makes soybeans into tofu, soy milk and other soy foods.
The automatic tofu machine is composed of separate pulper, pulp drum, slag drum, steam bag, etc. Adopt high-sensitivity IC ion induction device, automatically cut off the gas source when accidental fire extinguishes, and the temperature controller controls the temperature of the pulp cylinder to realize automatic ignition and heating. The automatic water supply level of the steam drum is controlled by the water level controller and the solenoid valve. It can produce soy milk, bean curd, various types of tofu and other soybean products at the same time, and can also produce more soybean products with other equipment and processes.

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The rapid growth of automatic tofu machine
After decades of hard work by technicians, China's soybean products industry has also accumulated a lot of rich production experience. After many times of practice, automatic tofu machine, tofu dryer, etc. were manufactured, and the mechanical automation of soybean products was initially realized.
However, the standards and specifications of its equipment are still far from the requirements of the world's food machinery. The production technology of soybean products is the advantage of China's national food industry, and it is still in the leading position in the world.
Qingzhou Jinfuwang Food Machinery Co., Ltd.'s automatic tofu machine is self-separating grinding equipment and pipeline cooking equipment. Standardization of mechanical equipment, standardization of soymilk degree, quantification of added coagulant, gel fixation, and standardization of molding dehydration automation have reached the technological requirements. The tofu produced is also in line with the various needs of consumers and can better serve this market.