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How much do you know about oil skin machine?

The era of machine automation has arrived, are you still making oil skins at home by hand? Are you still exposing one by one? Already out, now let the editor introduce to you all automaticOil skin machineRight.
Kehua automatic oil skin production method
  1 Soak the soybeans for more than 6 hours to protect the soybeans from swelling.
  2. Use a blender to make soybean milk with water to make soybean milk.
  3, and filter with gauze bag.
  4. The filtered soy milk is heated and boiled in a small pot with a water baffle. Continue to boil over low heat, keeping the water in the cauldron slightly boiling.
  5 Slowly, a layer of skin will form on the surface of the soybean milk, and that is the oil skin we want.
  6 、 Pinch gently with your hands, do not let your hands go deeper, or you will feel hot.
  7. The pinched oil skin is hung on the hanger and dried in the sun. By analogy, uncover one layer and wait for the next.

0010010 nbsp;

  1. Soybean soaking time under 65 ℃ temperature, soybean soaking time should not be too long, otherwise it will affect the oil skin export rate!
  2. There are many factors to prevent sticking to the bottom of soy milk, such as the solubility of soy milk, many impurities, too high heating temperature, poor container material, etc. The treatment method is to take corresponding measures according to the above possible situations! In addition to selecting excellent soybeans, they should be soaked evenly, grinding and polishing should be fine, filtering should not be missed, the cooking should be sufficient, the pot should not be heated before the film is removed, and the temperature of the pot should be controlled at 37 ℃ the following!
  3. Grasp the concentration of tofu. The concentration of soy milk is low and the protein content is low. It is not easy to produce polymerization reaction and affect the film formation! The concentration of soybean milk is high and the oil skin formation time is short! Therefore, we must pay attention to this in the production of oil skins, so as to facilitate high and stable output!
Summer maintenance of oil skin machine
Tidy: The tools, workpieces and accessories are neatly placed; the safety protection device is complete; the pipeline is complete.
Safety: Implement the system of fixed-person and fixed-machine and handover; familiar with the structure of oil-skin machine and abide by the operating regulations, use the oil-skin machine reasonably, maintain the oil-skin machine carefully, and prevent accidents
The regional maintenance of the oil skin machine is divided into several areas according to the amount of oil skin machine or the type of oil skin machine in the production area. The maintenance workers have a clear division of labor and cooperate closely with the operators. , Reasonable use and careful maintenance of oil skin machine.