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Precautions and maintenance of automatic biscuit maker

From the beginning of the rotary type pancake machine, to the later rotary pan type pancake machine and proofing machine,Fully automatic biscuit makerThe pace of invention has never stopped.
After more than three years of research and development, the fully automatic biscuit machine has finally come out. The machine has fully automated operations from the forming of the cake to the baking and baking, which not only saves labor, but also greatly increases the speed of baking cakes. More than 600 hours! At the same time, the baked biscuits are uniform in size, golden in color, soft on the outside and soft on the inside, which is better than artificially baked biscuits.
At present, the scones of the fully automatic biscuits can use liquefied petroleum gas or natural gas. The next step will be to develop electric heating machines to meet customers with different needs.
Fully automatic biscuit machine has realized the full automation of baking the cake blank, and is now developing the matching cake blank production automation, the cake blank automatic prototype has been formed, is being optimized and improved, and it has been possible to achieve simple and fast completion of cake dough Molding process

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Precautions for use of automatic biscuit maker
  1, electric meters and wires at home should be equipped with appropriate specifications to prevent fire;
  2. Keep the machine away from flammable and explosive materials, and connect a leakage protector at home;
  3. It is strictly forbidden to extend your body into the fully automatic pancake maker;
  4 It is strictly forbidden for children, elderly people, patients, mentally handicapped people, etc., who do not have the ability to take care of themselves to operate machines;
  5. After the work is completed, or when repairing the automatic biscuit maker, please disconnect the power supply;
  6, regularly check the line for signs of aging, damage, etc .;
  7. If something goes wrong during the work, please stop the machine in time and contact us.
Maintenance of automatic pancake maker
  1 After use, it must be cooled naturally, and cold water is strictly prohibited;
  2. It is forbidden to use metal products to operate on the automatic biscuit machine, and it is forbidden to clean with hard objects such as cleaning balls.
  3 After working, press the metal button directly under the water cup to discharge the filtered water in the clean water cup and the air pressure in the machine;
  4, steam engine oil should be added regularly in the oil cup;
  5. Regularly check the automatic biscuits machine for signs of aging damage.