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Briefly introduce the advantages of bean skin machine

The advantages of bean skin machine:

  1, one-time broken brain, to ensure the original taste of the product.

  2. The unit output of soybean hull machine is high, and it can be produced in both thick and thin. The cost per kilogram of soybeans for thick hulls is more than two kg.

  3. The bean curd machine has low power consumption. {{{1}} v home lighting or 380 v industrial power can be used. It is energy-saving and easy to produce, and the power consumption per hour is only { {3}}. 5 degrees.

  4 The bean skin machine has a small footprint, as long as 2. {{2}} meters long and 2 meters wide can be installed and operated.

  5 The bean curd machine is easy to clean and there are no wearing parts.

  6, Various types of machinery have been developed to meet the actual market demand, and the machine can be customized according to the actual requirements of customers.

The general manager of Qingzhou Jinfuwang Food Machinery Co., Ltd. is a bean product machinery research engineer. He has been in contact with this industry for a long time, and has a strong interest in the bean product machinery industry.

Qingzhou Jinfuwang Food Machinery Co., Ltd. always insists on scientific and technological innovation, and the bean skin machine constantly developed has high performance and improves energy saving efficiency! Has been running on the leading line in the same industry, allowing customers to buy simple, practical, easy to use, stable and durable machines!

Qingzhou Jinfuwang Food Machinery Co., Ltd.'s growth and progress today is based on the support and trust of the majority of consumers, so our company adheres to the principle of small profits and quick sales so that each customer can buy a cheap and high-quality bean skin machine!

Comparison of hand-made bean skins and bean skins made by imitation hand-made bean skin machine:

  1. The artificial production of soybean hulls is labor intensive. Take {{1}} kg of soybeans as an example. A spoonful of smashed tofu brain is evenly poured on the wrapper, cover the wrapper and fold back, then it takes about 1 hours to make the peeling

  2. The quality of the produced bean skin is not guaranteed. Depending on the height of the box, the habitual actions of the operator and the effect of standing time, the bean hulls will be thrown out and will produce uneven thickness and uneven corners. The longer the operation time, the temperature will continue to change. When the temperature is reduced, it will affect the toughness, color and taste of the bean skin.

  3. Preservation time; the cumbersome operation process will cause the bean skin to stay on the cloth for too long, thereby increasing its acidity, and thus shortening the preservation time of the bean skin.