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Is there a market demand for fully automatic pancake maker?

Today, I will use a small biscuits as an example to demonstrate how to design a fully automatic biscuits machine promotion, and display a business model that makes people want to invest immediately in 15 minutes.

At present, all parts of our country are building civilized cities to clean up those polluting industries. The bigger the city, the cleaner, and the cleaner the city, in fact, wiped out many of the traditional business formats in the past. Let's say roadside snacks.

Among the habits of the Chinese people, the habits of most urban people go out for breakfast. However, some street food stalls in the city are not standardized and unhygienic, and have been evicted by city managers.

Chinese traditional scones. From south to north, from east to west. People are willing to eat biscuits. From Wu Dalang's pancakes to the Yellow Bridge Biscuits that the people gave to the New Fourth Army, they are all warm memories. The elementary school text has "The Yellow Bridge Biscuit Song":

Huangqiao Biscuits is yellow and yellow,

Yellow biscuits are busy.

The biscuits should be grilled over heat,

The troops depended on the help of the common people.

The traditional method of making biscuits is called sticking biscuits. A person stood sweating and standing by the stove, sticking the kneaded pastry to the inner chamber of the carbon stove.

In fact, soot and hand sweat are on the biscuits, obviously food hygiene has not been resolved. It's just that for thousands of years, we Chinese are not surprised. Now the industry is slowly being eliminated. But for people like us, the scent of biscuits remains in memory, and I always hope to relive the taste of childhood.

Therefore, in order to solve the "breakfast project" of the common people, we have developed a fully automatic pancake maker.

This machine is 1. {{1} meters wide and 1. 8 meters high, which is similar to the space occupied by an adult man ’s open arms. It does not affect the sanitation of the city, and at the same time it facilitates the breakfast of the people.

Once this machine is launched, is there any market demand?

In major cities, where there is a crowd there is demand. The advantage of this machine is that each machine can make a large amount of biscuits every day, which is much higher than the amount of biscuits made manually.