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Precautions for use of small automatic tofu machine

Note on the use of small automatic tofu machine:

  1 At the same time, the key part of using the tofu machine is to boil the new tofu cloth with alkaline water for 1 hours or so, otherwise there will be rotting or peeling when peeling.

  2. When installing, first install a leakage protector on the main power supply, because there is a lot of water flowing in the production tofu workshop. If there is leakage, people are likely to get an electric shock. While installing the unit, The ground wire should also be installed on each unit, which can play a protective role.

  3. In the production process, if the motor has noise, strange noise, overheating, burning smell, smoke, etc., it should be turned off in time, shut down and checked to ensure safety.

  4 Install the main unit, the ground should be level, and the front, back, left and right sides of the fuselage should be kept level, otherwise it will affect the thin quality of tofu.

  5. The small automatic tofu unit should place the motor rotating device against the wall, so as not to accidentally insert your hand into the wheel, and children are prohibited from entering the work place.