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Precautions for use of imitation handmade bean hull machine

Precautions for the use of imitation handmade bean hull machine:

  1 Check the power supply and wiring before starting to ensure the smooth progress of the work.

  2 Check the water level line of the water tank before each use to ensure that there is no shortage of water to avoid burning the electric heating tube.

  3 After the heating is completed, put the slurry first and then stop the air supply to avoid blockage of the air supply port.

  4. High-temperature gas and liquid are generated during heating to avoid burns.

  5 After one day's work is completed, the equipment needs to be cleaned with clean water to ensure that the equipment is free from strange smells and residues.

  6. The electric separator should be disassembled and inspected at regular intervals to see if the filter is damaged to ensure normal operation.

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