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The dried bean curd machine makes dried tofu, which greatly improves the production efficiency

As a kind of soy products, dried tofu is rich in protein, salty, refreshing, hard and tough, and the taste and flavor are favored by many consumers. Many local enterprises have entered the dried tofu market and introducedDried bean machineTo control the thickness and weight of dried bean curd, the dried bean curd machine plays a key role.
At present, China is in an important stage of upgrading the consumer market. People have a strong desire to improve the nutrition structure of the diet, and the demand for nutrition and health foods has increased. For this reason, the soybean processing industry will usher in new development opportunities. As a kind of soy products, dried tofu contains a lot of protein, it also contains calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals required by the human body, as well as the characteristics of salty and refreshing, hard and tough, long-lasting and so on. More popular with market consumers.

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Dried tofu is a reprocessed product of tofu, which is basically the same as the production process of tofu. Dried tofu needs to go through multiple processes such as material selection, grinding, cooking, filtering, pulping, coagulation, pressing, bagging, and cutting. The difference is that the thickness when casting is small, generally about 5 cm, the pressing time is about 16 minutes, and the moisture content of the dried tofu after pressing should also be ensured at 60%- Between 6 5%, these have high requirements on the master's craftsmanship, experience and physical strength.
The pulping is very particular, and you should pay attention to the uniform stirring during the pulping. Do not stir it arbitrarily, otherwise it is not conducive to solidification. In addition, special attention should be paid to the treatment between the two steps of solidification and bagging. The tofu needs to be shredded, which is not only conducive to breaking the solid state and releasing the bag water, but also to put the tofu brain evenly on the bag cloth and then pressing. It should be noted that during the pressing process of the dried bean machine, it is required to be gradually pressurized and the pressure is uniform to facilitate the smooth discharge of water.
Generally speaking, if the pressure of the bean curd machine is too fast, the skin of the bean curd embryo will be very hard, and the yellow syrup water inside will not be completely discharged. If it is soft, it cannot guarantee that the quality of the product produced by the dried bean mechanism is firm and hard. It can be seen that the production of dried tofu is both technical and physical.