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Know several procedures of dry tofu machine

Dried tofu is a standing dish on the dining table at home. It has a variety of methods, which is both nutritious and healthy, and can also satisfy people's appetite. It is thin, transparent, and strong. But nowDry tofu machineIt's different. The operation is convenient and efficient. It saves time and effort and has a good taste. It makes the hard tofu industry a good project to get rich.
Good dry tofu is inseparable from good machines. Dry tofu made by dry tofu machines is known as "dry, thin, thin". "Dry" means that the tofu is compact and dry; "thin" means that each piece of tofu looks as if it can be translucent, and the thickness is uniform like paper; "thin" means that the tofu contains no okara and has a soft taste. Cooked food can be sautéed or stewed, and will not change color when cooked for thousands of times;

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Let's take a look at several production processes of the dried tofu machine:
Production water
Different water contains different amounts of minerals. The lower the content of calcium and magnesium, the better. The output rate of soybean products made from such water will be higher; the acidity and alkalinity will also affect the output rate. 5. 5-6. 5 (Slightly acidic) swollen soybeans will swell more fully, soy protein in the colloidal state is easily precipitated, but the acidic water is completely pulped After the perishable.
Refining process
At present, most soybean products enterprises in China are using pulp-slag separation type refining machine for refining. Grind the soybeans through the rotation of the grinding wheel and separate the slag and pulp by centrifugal force. During the three-pass refining process, the Changqinglong vacuum bean grinder is the pulp-slag separation system. The density and penetration of the mesh are moderate, the tofu residue in the production is very dry, and the pulping rate is high.
Cooking process
The cooking process not only determines the taste and flavor of soybean products, but also has a certain influence on the yield of dried tofu. If the soybean milk is not cooked, the soybean protein will not be thermally denatured and will not react with the coagulant. If the slurry water is lost, the cooking time is too long, there will be burnt smell, which will affect the taste of dry tofu. It can be used with a boiler to cook with a diesel boiler.