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Process flow and installation of tofu production line

Tofu production lineIt is a kind of mechanized equipment. Using small tofu production line can save labor and effectively increase the production output of tofu. After our understanding, there are many small-scale tofu production line manufacturers, each tofu production line manufacturer's skills are different, we must choose a good manufacturer when selecting, so that the equipment purchased can be guaranteed , Also reduced a lot of subsequent troubles.

Process flow of tofu production line

  1, Beans: Soak beans with water according to 1: 1 0, soak in summer 6 ~ 8 hours, soak in winter {{ 4}} ~ 1 0 hours.

  2, refining: put the brewed beans into the funnel little by little, and grind it while adding water, soy milk enters the pulp bucket, and the soybean dregs enters the dregs bucket, grinds the bean dregs three times repeatedly, and puts the soybeans Make full use of protein.

  3, boiled milk: turn on the suction switch, draw the ground soy milk into the boiled milk bucket, turn on the heating switch, use the temperature setting instrument to set the temperature to 100 ℃ to heat the soy milk, wait until the soy milk boils Then continue cooking for 5 minutes or so.

  4. Flushing: Put the soymilk into the pulp bucket and connect it with the flushing tofu machine. The flushing tofu machine sucks the soymilk into the machine through the vacuum pump and taps the brain while pouring the pulp into the box. Generally 2 minutes can be solidified. And there will be no water loss, ensuring the production of tofu.

  5, packaging, after the tofu is solidified, it does not need to be pressed, it is directly placed in the tofu frame, and shipped directly for sale.

Tofu production line installation

1. Installation: 1. Place the machine in a clean and hygienic place with some distance from the wall to facilitate the connection of tap water and drainage. According to the mark on the machine, connect the water pipe to the inlet pipe of the machine to drain the water. The outlet of the pipe is connected to the drain or sewer. It should be ensured that the connecting pipe from the machine to the drain is high to low to prevent the normal discharge of the machine due to the accumulation of water in the pipe.

  2, power connection: (1) stable and solid grounding of the two-color wire; ({{{{{{6}}}}}}) using {{{{7} }}} When the volt is powered, connect the blue copper wire (6 square) to zero, and the remaining three red copper wires ({{{{{{6}}}}}}. {{{ {9}}}} Square) access to three FireWires respectively; (3) using {{{{{{{6}}}}}} {{{{{6 }}}}}} At 0 volt power supply, connect the blue copper wire (6 square) to the zero wire, which is connected to three red copper wires ({{{{{{6}}} }}}. {{6}} square) connected to FireWire in a group. 3 Stabilize the machine to prevent the vibration of the machine from affecting the service life of the tofu production line.