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Why do so many people choose automatic bean curd machine

Tofu skin is highly nutritious, and can be made with different flavors according to different practices, which is very popular among everyone. Our side is called "tofu skin", you may call it "thousands of sheets", "100 leaves", "dried tofu", "bean flakes" and so on. Traditionally making tofu skin by hand, the output is low and too tired, resulting in the phenomenon of not doing much for the small profits. Therefore, more and more people engaged in the soybean products industry have chosen the automatic bean hull machine. You ca n’t wait to know how it is so favored?

The whole production process of fully automatic tofu peeling machine from peeling, pressing and peeling is fully automated. Let you say goodbye to the tedious work of manual refining and cooking, just sit and drink tea, watch TV, and wait for the cooked soy milk to come out. The time is fast, and it can be cooked in 20 minutes. The refining and pulping facility realizes the integration of soybean milk slag removal, high purity, less slag, thick pulp and fast speed. Using boiler to boil the slurry, the operation technology is easy to master, high efficiency and good taste.

Like your hand-made tofu skin, the uniformity and thickness of the splashing brain are not easy to control. The bean hull machine meets the consumer needs of different regions, and the key parts are made of excellent stainless steel, which meets the hygiene standards. The tofu skin produced is uniform in thickness and adjustable in thickness (0. 2-3 mm). It has good toughness. It can not be broken by hand when folded. It has a good taste. All are delicious dishes, maintaining the taste and flavor of traditional fine tofu skin. Moreover, the machine uses {{2}} volt or 380 volt power supply, covering only 2. 7 meters, not only easy to use but also easy to operate.

The automatic bean skin machine has the function of automatic folding, which solves the problem of manual folding of the skin of the traditional bean flake machine, saves labor, and is quick and convenient to operate, and improves production efficiency. It can be quickly formed in about 3-5 minutes. It can also produce dried tofu to meet the diverse needs of the product. Automatic peeling: The operation is simple and fast, and automatic peeling can be easily achieved, and the peeled bean pieces are smooth and elastic, and there is no problem of secondary peeling and other problems.

The bean curd machine has high output and high working efficiency. It can produce tofu skins of about 1800 a day. It has a wide range of application and simple operation without experience. To Qingzhou Jinfuwang Food Machinery Co., Ltd., you can find soy products machinery suitable for you.