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The origin of automatic biscuit maker

In the streets and alleys of Luoyang, the biscuits shop seems inconspicuous. The biscuits are also the most common food in three meals a day. Few people pay attention to the hard work of making biscuits. But there is an old man who is old and sparse, but he often wanders at the door of the biscuits shop and remembers this hard work in his heart.

Sixty-eight-year-old Zhao Tie'an is a native of Luoyang. Although he had reached the age of Han Yi, and he was keeping up with his days, Zhao Tie'an, who couldn't help himself, decided to live out the splendor of the elderly.

He focused his attention on the biscuits he loved to eat. The biscuits have been made manually, which is very laborious. So can you use the machine to make biscuits and bake biscuits?

The automatic biscuit maker invented by Zhao Tie'an, as long as the reconstructed dough is put into the hopper, the blank making device can automatically divide the dough into small ingredients, and then pass through a heating and setting device that rotates like a ferris wheel to bake into delicious scones.

Unexpectedly, the automatic pancake maker is unfavorable, the dough is directly thrown away!

After some adjustments, the automatic biscuit maker finally runs smoothly, squeezing the ingredients, feeding, pressing the cake, the movement is consistent, and the cycle is repeated.

However, the biscuits made by the automatic biscuits machine have different shades of color, and there are still some uncooked. What is going on here?

The stubborn Zhao Tie'an was determined to improve the automatic biscuit maker successfully. Lao Ji Fu, ambitious. The toughness in Zhao Tie'an's bones filled him with fighting spirit and made him think of ways to improve it.

The new type fully automatic biscuit maker is mainly composed of three parts: a blank making device, a rotary setting device and a baking device. After the dough enters the funnel, it is fully kneaded and pressed by the blank making device, pushed out, cut, and dropped into the shaping pot of the shaping device, pressing the cake up and down, heating and shaping.

Then rotate to the next setting tank, and make a reciprocating revolution. Afterwards, the baked cake is set, automatically unloaded into the baking equipment, and baked in the tunnel oven. The whole process of baking, forming, baking and discharging is completed.