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Introduce the specifications of the dry tofu machine

Let's find out what kind of dry tofu machine is suitable for you to start a business?

1. Large-scale production line

The large-scale dry tofu machine production line is suitable for use in soy products processing plants. It requires a certain production space. In addition to the main production line, a separate production workshop should also be equipped with equipment such as a refiner, a cooking pot, and a brain pot. Generally, the large-scale manufacturers of soybean products are sold in sets or sets. If there are no sets or sets of products, it is recommended not to buy them. This shows that the strength of the equipment factory is not good. It is cheap to buy it back. problem.

Generally, soybean product equipment manufacturers can be customized, so there is no need to worry that the equipment is too large or too small to be put into the production workshop. Assemble the equipment and guide the customer's equipment operation on site until the customer can produce the operation separately.

2. Medium-sized production line

The medium-sized production line is suitable for small-scale soy products processing plants. It does not need too many people, and the production site does not need to be too large. The equipment of the refiner, boiler, boiler, and unpacking machine should be reasonable, and it does not need to be too large. You can listen to the opinions of selling soybean products and equipment. The bigger ones are not necessarily suitable for you. Naturally, it is good to suit you.

3. Small production line

The small automatic production line is suitable for friends who open the tofu workshop. The machine occupies a small area and is easy to operate. Other configurations such as cooking and refining systems do not need to be too high, medium. The small automatic dry tofu machine has a comparison A good advantage is that it can be sold on the spot. The speed is fast, and the new dried tofu is also a good selling point.