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Take you into the imitation handmade bean hull machine

The imitation hand-made bean hull machine is an automatic equipment used to produce the bean hull machine. Its characteristics are as follows:

  0010010 nbsp; {{1}} nbsp; {{1}} nbsp; 1, automatic: the machine automatically hits the brain and throws the bag, automatically transmits the folding, press molding , Automatic unpacking and peeling forming, simple and practical, convenient and fast.

   0010010 nbsp; 2, clean and sanitary: stainless steel equipment that meets the national food hygiene standards, neat and smooth is better to clean.

   0010010 nbsp; 3, convenient and fast: it only takes 25 minutes to enter the machine from the soybean raw material to the finished product, and only one person needs to operate one equipment, saving time, labor and effort, easy and convenient .

   0010010 nbsp; 4, maintain nutrition: the use of ultra-high temperature steam heating cooking process, better reduce the damage of protein, also avoid the soy milk smell of burnt paste, maintain the original nutritional ingredients and taste , The taste is more delicious.

   0010010 nbsp; 5, ready-to-sell: can be made on-site, on-site sales, no backlog, no inventory, consumers can witness the whole process from soybean to soybean milk Eat healthy and delicious tofu skin.

  0010010 nbsp; Soy products have always been our country ’s specialty food. Soybean products in China are not only popular in the country, but also favored by people abroad with better processing technology. In the process of using the equipment, how to solve the problem. Let me share with you the method of solving the slippage of the imitation handmade bean skin machine belt.

The automatic bean hull machine is a machine for making bean hulls. It can complete the processes of brain stirring, brain splashing, feeding, folding wrapping, pressing, peeling and wrapping. Greatly reduce the cost of production and labor and the production efficiency is higher than the previous manual production. With the widespread use of automatic bean curd machine, people pay more attention to the solutions to many problems encountered in the production process of bean curd machine. Today we will take a look at what we should do when the conveyor belt slips during the production of automatic bean curd machine. Handle it at home?

When the belt conveyor with screw tension or hydraulic tension slips, the tensioning stroke can be adjusted to increase the tension. However, sometimes the tensioning stroke is not enough, and the belt has been deformed for a long time. At this time, the belt can be cut off and reconnected.

Secondly, the use of nylon belt or EP requires a longer tensioning stroke. When the stroke is insufficient, it can be revulcanized or the tensioning stroke can be increased to solve. There are many reasons for skidding, which need to be dealt with according to different reasons.