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How to use a small tofu machine to make colored tofu

  0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; Color tofu, like ordinary water tofu, is made of soybeans. The difference is that colored tofu adds natural vegetable juice supplements to the tofu machine to form a natural color, and contains better nutrients, which saves fiber in vegetables and is beneficial to human body absorption and digestion. The basic process of making colored tofu using a small tofu machine is similar to traditional tofu. The key is to add vegetable juice.

The color of colored tofu depends on the color of vegetable juice. For making green tofu, you can use celery, radish tassel and celery tassel, chili leaves, sweet potato leaves, etc .; for making yellow tofu, you can use carrots, etc .; for making red tofu, you can use tomato to extract juice.

  1, squeeze the juice to select fresh vegetables, clean them, chop and smash them, then squeeze the juice and filter to remove vegetable residue When the PH value of the vegetable juice is less than 6, the color tofu does not set well, and the product texture is too soft and tender. When the PH value is greater than 6. 5, the texture of the product is rough and hard, and the surface is rough. Therefore, the PH value of vegetable juice is adjusted to 6. 0 — 6. 5, so that the texture of the product is delicate, shiny, elastic, and the yield is high.

  2, the processing of colored tofu should pay attention to the mixing ratio of soy milk and vegetable juice. The small amount of vegetable juice makes it difficult to color the tofu; too much vegetable juice will produce a grassy taste and make the flavor worse. The general applicable amount is to add 8 — 10 ml of concentrated vegetable juice per 50 ml of soybean milk.

Secondly; the boiling time after adding vegetable juice to boiled soy milk should not be too long; so as not to damage the nutrients in vegetable juice. After the vegetable juice is added, it must be stirred well and mixed evenly so as not to affect the color of the finished product.

  3 、 Precautions In order to improve the utilization efficiency of vegetable juice and reduce the dosage, the concentration of vegetable juice can be considered. If the vegetable juice is concentrated to 1 / {{2}}, every 1 00 ml of soy milk will be changed from the original 1 6 ml to just add {{{{14 }}}} Ml is enough, the quality of the product is not much different from that when it is not concentrated. The vegetable juice should be added after the soy milk is basically cooked. After adding it, boil for {{2}} ~ {{7}} minutes. Too long time will cause the denaturation of vitamins. Less effective than disinfection. When the mixed liquid of soy milk and vegetable juice cooked in the tofu machine enters the pulping process, its temperature is generally {{8}} ~ C-95 ℃, and the concentration of soybean milk is about {{{{14 }}}}degree. Add appropriate amount of cold water according to the ambient temperature to reduce the temperature of the soybean milk to 70 C-{{5}} 0 ℃, and the concentration will be reduced to about 7. 5 When starting to pulp.

0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; Since a small tofu machine can make such a good product, let ’s take action!