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What's so good about automatic tofu machines?

Tofu is a common delicacy on the Chinese table, and every family's daily mealis is a no-no. According to statistics, the daily consumption of soybeans per 10,000 people in China is 360-450 jin, of which 50% of soybeans are used for tofu processing, that is, on a town of 30,000 people, every day need more than 1000 pounds of soybean stake to process soy products, of which daily light automatic tofu machine production of tofu consumption in about 1700 kg, the annual output value of nearly 1.8 million yuan, pure profit in more than 600,000 yuan. This does not include the output value and profit of soy milk, soy skin, dried beans and rotting bamboo.

1, automatic tofu machine well-equipped: food grade stainless steel manufacturing, new technology, high quality, beautiful and generous;

2, do not occupy the site: equipment covers a small area, only a dozen square that start production;

3, a machine multi-use: can produce a variety of tofu, bean dried, all kinds of fruit dredging tofu and other bean products;

4, convenient and fast: raw materials to the finished product only 50 minutes or so, save time, effort, high efficiency;

5, high quality: high temperature steam cooking process, avoid paste pot, maintain nutrition and taste;

6, the yield rate is high, the mill separator and the pulp ingress, the yield rate is higher than the traditional more than 20%.

To process 60 catties of soybean (tofu) as an example (60 catties of soybean can be processed 210-240 kg tofu)

Total cost: 60 catties of soybeans , 2.5 yuan / catty , 35 yuan (auxiliary supplies) , 185 yuan

Total output value: 210 catties of tofu x 3 yuan / catty , 630 yuan

Net profit: 630 yuan - 185 yuan , 445 yuan

Monthly profit: 445 yuan / day x 30 days , 13350 yuan / month

Annual profit: 13350 yuan x 12 months , more than 160,000 yuan

Plus comes with making bean bubble, bean dried, bean skin, tofu milk, bamboo and other products, and soybean slag farming annual income of more than 200,000 yuan.

The above data for reference, can be combined with the actual situation of the local accounting.

(1) Traditional processes: picking materials, soaking, grinding (stone grinding or individual grinding machine) , filter pulp (labor intensity, long time to spend) , boiling pulp (earth stove iron pot boiling pulp, high energy consumption, dust, easy paste pot, and hard) - point pulp, squat brain , press molding (time-consuming, labor intensity)

(2) New process: picking, soaking, grinding, filtration (auto-finish) steam boiling slurry, spot pulp, pneumatic press molding

Automatic tofu machine operation is simpler! It's easier! Faster! More efficient! That's the advantage!

2, yield advantage

(1) Traditional technology: the output is generally 1 kg of soybeans 2 to 3 catties of tofu.

(2) New technology: automatic tofu machine than the old tradition of more than 1 catty per catty of soybeans, the production rate than other similar equipment more than 20%.

That's the advantage!