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Know the advantages and performance of tofu production line

With the improvement of science and technology, tofu production equipment for processing tofu continues to emerge. Refining machine, pulping machine, pressure dryer, tofu machine and other equipment not only improve the production efficiency of tofu, but also control the production process more accurately, and tofu can be standardized. takeTofu production lineIn general, this production line integrates the processes of refining, filtering, and boiling pulp, and can realize the automatic production of tofu. Among them, screw pressing is used for pressing, which can press out tofu with a uniform shape and size without harming tofu.
For the tofu production line, many people are curious what kind of machine is the tofu production line? The tofu production line is the equipment used to produce tofu. Other equipment can also be used to make tofu skin, dried tofu and other soybean products.
The tofu production line is composed of a separate refiner, a pulp drum, a slag drum, a steam drum, etc. It uses a highly sensitive IC ion induction device, which automatically cuts off the gas source when the flame is accidentally turned off. Automatic ignition and heating.

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Tofu production line advantages
  1. Save time, enabling consumers and tofu producers to make profits at the same time and achieve mutual benefits.
  2. The production environment is clean and hygienic, and can be sold now to let customers see the whole process of clean and hygienic production. Let the people buy at ease and eat comfortably.
  3. The production method is novel, multi-purpose one machine, can produce a variety of tofu and soy milk. Such as: tofu, black tofu, vegetable tofu, egg tofu, health tofu, soy milk, five kinds of soy milk.
Performance characteristics of tofu production line:
  1. Multi-function machine: It can be used for a variety of soybean products, such as vegetable color tofu, fruit and vegetable soy milk, nutritious soybean flower, delicious soybean milk, etc. More soybean products are produced together with other equipment and processes.
  2. Automation: Fully automatic control system, process automation, no manual operation, farewell to manual workshop
  3. Sanitation: The tofu production line meets the sanitary standards of food machinery in China. The stainless steel production equipment is clean, smooth and easy to clean. During the entire process, the environment is clean and hygienic.