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Production process of automatic tofu machine

Tofu production process of automatic tofu machine:

  1, Beans: Soak beans and water according to 1: 1 2, soak in summer 6 ~ 8 hours, soak in winter {{ 4}} ~ 1 0 hours.

  2 After the beans are soaked, turn on the gas or power, turn on the power switch, and connect the water pipe.

  3. Put the brewed beans into the funnel a little bit, turn on the water switch, grind while adding water, soy milk enters the barrel, and the dregs enters the dregs barrel. (Note: When adding water, pay attention to the amount of water to ensure that the ground pulp is in the liquid level control line)

  4, turn on the suction switch, and suck the ground soybean milk into the steam bag.

  5, turn on the heating switch, use the temperature setting instrument to set the temperature to 100 & quot; C to heat the soy milk, and continue to cook for 5 minutes after the soy milk is boiling. (Anti-foaming agent needs to be added when cooking the pulp to eliminate foam generated during soy milk production and cooking)

  6, put the cooked soy milk into the heat preservation barrel.

  7 If you want to make bean curd, put a little lipid powder in the heat preservation barrel; if you want to make tofu, you need to configure a tofu forming machine: to make colored tofu, you need to add natural vegetable juice accessories.

Why is it a fully automatic tofu machine?

  1, small footprint, tailored for families and workshops;

  2, factory production price sales;

  3, made of all stainless steel, using 220 v voltage;

  4 The steam heating method is used to cook the pulp to avoid the smell of soy milk and maintain the original fragrance of soybean

  5, 1 people can operate: