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Briefly introduce the material characteristics of bean skin machine

Material characteristics of manual bean hull machine

In the production of soybean hull machine, stainless steel machines and iron angle machines are used.

The whole body of the bean hull machine is made of stainless steel. Because the machine requires screws and the strength of the press frame during pressing, it can only be made of tungsten steel. The main skeleton of the machine is estimated to be standard stainless steel. The machine is made of stainless steel. The welding is uniform and firm, and the appearance is bright. It is very comfortable to watch. The head of the machine is a thick special stainless steel that is only used by military machines. It will not rust, the price of this bean skin machine is low among the models with the same specifications on the market.

The key part is made of all stainless steel to ensure hygiene. The main frame is made of world-standard angle iron, which is the ideal angle iron material for making the machine. After the frame is welded, the inside should be polished and evenly coated with a layer of rust The outer surface of the paint and anti-rust paint is a layer of waterproof paint to protect the bottom anti-rust paint from the erosion of water. The outer layer of the waterproof paint is a layer of bright paint to ensure the appearance of the machine. Then there is the key part, because we are doing food production, so hygiene is necessary. The parts of the machine that contact the bean brain are all made of stainless steel, the brain barrel, the lower head, the transmission wheel and other parts that directly contact the manual bean skin machine All stainless steel is used, and the thickened channel steel is used for fixing the head barrel.