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Advantages of dried bean machine and precautions for installation

Precautions for the installation of automatic bean drier:

  1. The installation should be carried out under the guidance of the manufacturer ’s teacher.

  2 Install a leakage protector on the main power supply. At the same time as installing the fully-automated bean curd machine, first install a leakage protector on the main power supply, because there will be a certain amount of water flowing on the ground of the tofu skin workshop to avoid leakage, and install it on each unit Install the ground wire, it can play a protective role.

  3. In the production process, if the motor has noise, strange noise, overheating, burning smell, smoke, etc., it should be turned off in time, shut down and checked to ensure safety.

  4 When installing the main unit, the ground should be level.

Use advantages:

The automatic bean curd machine realizes the continuous operations in the production process of bean curd: refining, cooking, padding, brain-making, splashing, and pressing. According to the different requirements for the type of bean curd, corresponding coagulation, broken brain, pouring Distribute the equal amount of bean brain evenly, pre-press and suppress through the stacking and conveying system, and then return the board to discharge. According to the process characteristics of the desired product, the amount of soymilk, the maturity of the soymilk, the setting time, the squeezing time, the pressure size, the squeezing method, etc. are artificially set to control the thickness, weight and water content of the dried beans. Qingzhou Jinfuwang Food Machinery Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of automatic bean curd dryer. Using this production line can effectively improve production efficiency, reduce labor intensity, save the number of workers, save the use of space, improve the quality of dried bean curd, is an excellent assembly line production device.