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Is the slag loading machine easy to use

The slag loading machine draws the ground okara directly into the bucket and mixes with water, and then automatically draws to the position of the feed inlet of the refiner for the next refining. The slag filling machine is an auxiliary tool in the production process of soy products. Generally, the refining must be ground three times to grind the slurry in the soybean milk. Slag, physical labor is very large, and the speed is slow. Using the automatic slag loading machine can achieve automatic slag stirring, automatically pumping slag into the refiner, improving work efficiency and reducing labor intensity.

At the beginning of making tofu, we will first grind the soaked soybeans, grind the soybeans into soy milk, and then perform the process of cooking the pulp and brain. During the refining of soybeans, okara will be produced, and we will re-pulverize the okara. We usually add water to stir manually, and then put it in the refiner for re-refining, so that the labor force of the workers will be strengthened several times. If the amount of processing is particularly large, manual slag will not solve the problem. But the appearance of the slag machine solved this problem. With it, the slag produced by the refiner does not need to be manually added with water and stirred and then put into the refiner for grinding. It is mechanically stirred and automatically added to the refiner for grinding, which can reduce the labor intensity of workers, the speed becomes faster, and the processing The large output is particularly easy to use.