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Installation and commissioning of automatic tofu machine

Installation of automatic tofu machine:

  1. Place the machine in a clean and hygienic place with some distance from the wall for easy connection of tap water and drainage. According to the mark on the machine, connect the tap water pipe to the inlet pipe of the machine and connect the outlet of the drain pipe. When entering drains or sewers, ensure that the connecting pipe from the machine to the drain is high to low to prevent the normal discharge of the machine due to water accumulation in the pipe.

  2, power connection: (1) firmly and reliably ground the two-color wire; ({{{{{{6}}}}}}) using {{3 }} When the volt is powered, connect the blue copper wire (6 square) to zero, and the remaining three red copper wires ({{{{{{6}}}}}}. {{{{ 9}}}} Square) Connect to three FireWires respectively; (3) adopt {{{{{{{6}}}}}} {{{{{{6} }}}}} When 0 volt power is supplied, connect the blue copper wire (6 square) to the zero wire, and the remaining three red copper wires ({{{{{{6}}}}} }. {{6}} square) connected to FireWire in a group.

  3. Stabilize the machine to prevent machine vibration from affecting the life of the machine.

Commissioning of automatic tofu machine:

  1. Remove the hopper on the electric grinder, loosen the anti-buckle of the electric grinder, and open the grinding cover to check whether the upper and lower grinding wheels are tight.

  2. Turn the filter holder by hand to see if the motor rotates flexibly. Cover the grinding cover and lock the buckle. When releasing the handle on the grinding cover in the direction of the electric grinder, move the filter holder to It can rotate freely (the upper and lower grinding wheels are not in contact), and restore the hopper.

  3 Connect the power supply, turn on the refining switch, start the electric grinder, turn on the water pipe and turn the high-end faucet on, let a small amount of tap water enter the electric grinder, and then slowly rotate the electric grinder in the direction of "fine" of the electric grinder When the handle on the slag outlet can be heard a slight murmur, the switch can be turned off.

  4 If the operation noise of the electric grinder is too loud, the diameter between the upper and lower grinding wheels and the feeder can be adjusted.

  5, press the heating switch, adjust the thermostat to 110 ℃, the heating indicator lights, turn off the thermostat, the heating indicator goes off, and complete the debugging.

  6 After the above work is completed, the automatic tofu machine can be used to make soy milk.