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Matters needing attention when using dry tofu machine

With the popularity of green and healthy diets now, soy products are welcomed by more and more people, which makes many businesses aware of the business opportunities in the soy products market, and more and more people are investing in the soy products industry. And if you encounter many problems in the process of making tofu, then you should pay attention to the following points:

①If your tofu appears reddish in color, this is a common quality problem of water tofu and dry tofu. The main factor is caused by the lack of soy milk. When using an open Korean steam boiler to boil the pulp, it is prone to false boiling. When the soy milk is boiled False boiling is likely to occur at around 80 ° C. You should pay attention to that the tumbling of the soybean milk and the absence of foam does not mean that it is really boiled, and it must be kept warm for 5 ~ 7 minutes after boiling. When using an open steam boiler to cook the slurry, it usually needs to be boiled several times. The foam in the pan is raised and lowered several times, and the foam in the pan is completely eliminated with an anti-foaming agent. The temperature measurement reaches 9 7 ~ {{4} } ℃, there will be no redness of tofu. The dry bean curd machine boiling pot can easily achieve full boiling.

②If the color of tofu is dark, mainly because the surface of the tofu lacks luster, then you should pay attention to the following reasons:

1. The raw materials are deteriorated or stimulated by high temperature. Or after forced drying in the storage process.

2. Problems in production, such as inadequate raw material screening treatment; improper soaking method or insufficient moisture absorbed by soybeans; grinds are too tight or mixed with dirt during grinding; the concentration of soybean milk is too high; improper cooking method or cooking Well, I didn't wait for the pan to be released in time.

As an important step in the processing of soybean products, the concentration of the pulp must not be too high. Soy milk needs to be delicate but not too fine. It needs to be moderate. Here the dry tofu grinder can play an important role. A good set of grinder can guarantee the pulping rate. For example, the refiner of Qingzhou Jinfuwang Food Machinery Co., Ltd. can realize the separation of pulp and slag, continuous grinding, high efficiency and good pulp quality.