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Attention should be paid to strengthen management when producing dried tofu

If the tofu made by the dry tofu machine has a rancid or sour taste, there are two cases:

1. Fresh tofu has a rancid or sour taste. This is mainly due to the poor sanitary conditions in the production process of the dried tofu machine. The equipment and pipes for making tofu are not clean. Drying causes bad taste, resulting in bad taste or sour on the surface of freshly produced tofu.

Second, improper storage conditions of tofu or storage time is too long. Tofu contains protein, fat and other nutrients. It is easy to deteriorate after microbial contamination. In summer and autumn, the ambient temperature is high, and the tofu will rot soon. Strengthening the hygienic management of tofu production process, making tofu circulate and store in the cold chain, can increase the shelf life of tofu.

If the shape of tofu is irregular:

A standard abrasive is used in the production of tofu by a dry tofu machine, and certain specifications and standards are required when the product is mailed. However, the thickness of tofu may also be uneven. The main reason is uneven pressure and partial extrusion.

Uneven extrusion: refers to the difference in thickness between several pieces of tofu, mainly due to the inconsistent tenderness and aging of the brain tip when the concentration of soy milk is not properly controlled or solidified during the production process. If the concentration of soy milk becomes uneven during the production process, one side of the tofu will become thicker and more fragile, making it difficult to achieve a uniform thickness of the product.

Partial crushing: mainly caused by unevenness of the floor or due to negligence of the operator.