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The appearance of tofu production line promoted the development of soybean products industry

Tofu production lineThe advent of China not only changed the pattern of tofu production, but also brought a boost to the development of the soybean product industry.

Traditional method of making tofu, a refiner, grind the pulp into a large pot, burn wood and fire the pulp; after boiling, filter with gauze, the cooked soy milk is poured into a large barrel, and then start to pulp, and some use gypsum, Some use brine, some use lactone; start to squat the brain after sizing, and then break the brain after squatting; then pour the bean brain into the tofu basket and press it with stone. After a few hours, the tofu is ready. It's almost the same time to make more than one hundred pounds of tofu.

The traditional method of making tofu is too low. Now the supply and demand of tofu is very large, and even the tofu machine has not reached the production demand. The appearance of the tofu production line has changed people's views on making tofu. To make tofu production easy and simple.

The tofu production line has a high degree of automation, all stainless steel material, and a novel production process. Many large soy products processing plants and food factories have purchased tofu production lines. The equipment of the tofu production line automatically loads dried beans, automatically cleans and soaks, and is automatically pumped into the refining machine; the automatic refining machine automatically controls the amount of soybeans and the amount of water added to control the concentration of soy milk; The system automatically stops when the temperature is reached, and no human management is required; the machine replaces manual pulping, controls the proportion of coagulant, and guarantees the quality of tofu; equipped with an automatic tofu forming machine, one person can operate multiple forming machines. The tofu production line has realized that machines replace labor, making tofu production easier. A large-scale tofu production line needs only 5-10 people. If the traditional method of making the same amount of tofu, no one can make it. The importance of the machine is self-evident.

After reading the above introduction, you also understand the benefits of the tofu production line. If you have needs in this regard, please contact our company, we will serve you wholeheartedly.