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Five advantages of automatic biscuit maker

Fully automatic biscuit makerAfter repeated trials, it was launched on the market again. The body is thickened stainless steel plate, which is 4 points thicker than the original body plate thickness, and the rotation speed is increased by 2 revolutions It can produce 300 biscuits in an hour, and it can produce 4 50 biscuits in less than an hour, and it is uniformly equipped with abrasive tools. Increased market demand, whether it is wholesale or retail can keep up with the needs, to solve the seller's biscuits are not enough to sell
Five advantages of automatic biscuit maker:
  1. Special taste, soft and delicious.
  2. High efficiency changes the shortcomings of traditional cakes such as low efficiency, easy to burn hands, high labor intensity, carbon deposition at the bottom, and hardening after cooling. The processing speed of traditional biscuits machine is about per hour Hours, unable to meet customer needs. Fully automatic biscuits machine processes more biscuits per hour 300, greatly saving human resources. Manpower is also a cost, saving 2-3 workers compared to traditional methods.

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  3. The automatic biscuit maker is beautiful and hygienic. It uses liquefied gas combustion instead of charcoal barbecue, which solves the problems of unsanitary combustion and inconvenient use of charcoal. At the same time, drawing on the bread infrared barbecue equipment, it further provides the traditional charcoal inside and outside characteristics, using excellent steel production, high temperature baking without deformation, beautiful appearance, reliable safety protection device.
  4. Standardize products, unify molds, unify processes, unify taste, unify store image, and make sales smoother
  5. The prospects are broad. Biscuits are Qilu's famous snack. Over the years, after in-depth research and development, we have absorbed dozens of carefully prepared valuable Chinese herbal medicines and spices, without adding preservatives and additives to the biscuits. It has the characteristics of thin, transparent, tendon and fragrance. Pure taste, smooth taste, suitable for any age. According to statistics, in China, the daily sales of biscuits are very high except for buns, and the market is very broad.
Advantages of automatic biscuit maker:
The production process is basically mechanized, which greatly reduces the labor intensity and improves the labor efficiency; the infrared baking method is used to control the baking temperature; the special formula makes the baked biscuits have the characteristics of traditional biscuits and the flavor of bread; The cake has the effect of external coke and tenderness.