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Introduction to the host of imitation handmade bean hull machine

Imitation handmade bean hull machineHost introduction
Forming part
Workflow of the overall structure design of the imitation hand-made bean skin machine: Because the tofu skin is very thin, the filled and packaged tofu skin needs to be folded and placed during processing. The workflow is to fill the tofu brain while folding the gauze. The whole working process of imitation handmade bean hull machine can be divided into the following parts:
The main motor drives the active roller to rotate, and at the same time drives the working platform forward and backward through the chain drive.
Brain splash
Quantitative filling mechanism (valve opening, stirring) Tofu brain quantitative filling mechanism is an important part of the whole hand-made soybean hull machine, which determines the realization of the function of the whole machine. The requirements of the filling mechanism are: wrap the tofu brain with gauze , Spread two layers of gauze and a layer of tofu brain, so repeat. While the working platform is moving, the hopper valve is cyclically opened and closed. To protect the yield and taste of tofu skin, tofu brain should be stirred. In order to make the tofu brain flow out of the barrel smoothly, the upper stirring mechanism is used to stir the tofu brain that will flow out at the bottom of the barrel. To break the tofu brain, the lower stirring mechanism is used to break the tofu brain flowing into the hopper.

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Folding lifting part
The structure is simple, compact, stable and fast lifting, reliable work and convenient installation. The press is a hydraulic source device composed of a hydraulic pump, a driving motor, an oil tank, and an overflow valve, or a hydraulic device including a control valve. The press is equipped with upper and lower stroke switches. As the piston rod descends, the water in the tofu skin is pressed out. When the piston rod is lowered to the position of the lower stroke switch, the imitation manual bean skin machine is stopped and the set time is delayed After that, continue to squeeze for a certain time. After the tofu skin is pressed, the motor is reversed, and the piston rod moves upward until it hits the upper stroke switch and stops. By installing the upper and lower travel switches, the automatic control of the pressing mechanism is realized, and the reliability of the mechanism is guaranteed.
The mechanism can realize unattended and automatic pressing according to the set time. And has the manual, automatic squeezing control function. The peeling machine can separate the tofu skin from the gauze and collect the peeled gauze in an orderly manner. After the fabric is led away from the weaving mouth by the take-up roller, it is wound onto the cloth take-up roller by the cloth guide roller.
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