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Small tofu machine to help you understand the soy products market

For Qingzhou Jinfuwang Food Machinery Co., Ltd.Small tofu machineEveryone is no longer familiar with it. Now many customers who buy small tofu machines will first choose to come to our company. No matter whether they want to buy tofu machines or plan to buy tofu machines, our company staff will demonstrate small tofu machines The operation method makes everyone not only feel the productivity of the tofu machine under the new technology, how much the daily output can be, how big the market can be, whether it can meet the needs of customers, etc., so that customers can understand clearly. Choose whether to buy.

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The small tofu machine of Qingzhou Jinfuwang Food Machinery Co., Ltd. is relative to the large tofu machine. The small tofu machine is mainly suitable for homework and small soy products enterprises, and it is a good choice for the initial investment of the soy products industry. It can lead you to enter the soy products market slowly. At the same time, because it is a small machine and does not take up too much money, it is suitable for many customers who want to invest but the current funds are not enough.
The small tofu machine is composed of a separate refiner, a slag bucket, a pulp bucket, a steam drum, etc., and the electrical control part is controlled by a temperature controller to control the temperature of the boiling drum to automatically control the heating. The water level of the steam drum is controlled by the valve manual water. First, the soaked soybeans are processed by high-speed separation and electric mill to discharge the bean dregs. The resulting soybean milk is steamed to achieve deodorizing and homogeneous cooking, and the auxiliary materials are added to defoam, emulsify, solidify, and shape the treatment to produce a very nutritious It is a rich soy product. Tofu needs a tofu forming machine.
If you are interested in the soy products industry, but the funds on hand are not very sufficient, then it is recommended that you buy a small tofu machine from Qingzhou Jinfuwang Food Machinery Co., Ltd., without too much capital, can let you understand this line. Policy?