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Performance characteristics of imitation handmade bean hull machine

With the improvement of the quality of life, more and more people are pursuing high-quality production. In terms of food, everyone likes to eat pure handmade products and feels clean and hygienic and healthy. Would you like to eat pure handmade yuba, soybean oil skin? Then experience itImitation handmade bean hull machineRight. Let you eat authentic natural products. Not only the taste is delicious, but also the nutritional value is quite high!

Performance characteristics of imitation handmade bean hull machine:

  1, clean and hygienic: the combustion room can be separated from the production workshop, in line with QS standards.

  2, even heating: steam heating of the inner tank, the oil skin peels quickly, and the skin peels evenly.

  3 High output: One kilogram of soybeans can produce 0. 6 —— 0. 7 kg of oil skin.

  4 New energy-saving: Adopting energy-saving circulating flue pipes, closing the common yuba machine to save energy by more than 40%.

  5, multi-functional: the machine can use coal, firewood, peanut shells, wood bran, chaff, etc.

  6, Automation: automatic functions such as automatic constant temperature, automatic water sprinkling, and water shortage alarm

The imitation handmade bean skin machine can produce yuba and soybean oil skin. Both products are condensed from the surface of soybean milk, the oil skin is unfolded, translucent, and the yuba is squeezed together. Both products are very popular on the market , The profit is also considerable. Most producers still use manual bean hull machines now. The advantage of manual is that the machine is cheap and easy to operate. The disadvantage is that it requires too much labor, the output is low, the area occupied is too large, and the work is hard. In terms of labor, it is difficult to recruit workers in summer because the oil-skin production workshop is generally a high-temperature environment. Maybe you have a market, that is, the product is not available, and the instability of the workers makes you very troubled. The imitation manual bean hull machine solves these problems. Microcomputer control, automatic temperature control, automatic peeling and automatic drying. After the whole imitation hand soybean hull machine is in operation, it does not require workers to operate frequently, as long as it can be taken care of, labor intensity Greatly reduced. Secondly, the imitation hand-made bean hull machine covers a small area and has a high output. The bottom of the pot keeps the temperature of the oil skin condensation. A machine can be produced by only one person, which effectively reduces labor costs.