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Notes on the use of bean skin machine

There is a great demand for bean curd in the market, soBean skin machineThe amount of use is also large. The hand-made bean hull machine is a new type of bean hull processing equipment that we have newly developed. The price of the machine is not high, and most users can afford it. Friends who want to know the exact price of soybean hull machine, please also consult the staff of the relevant manufacturers, we will inform you of the accurate quotation and solve your doubts.

Precautions for use

  1. Always check the boiler water level to ensure that the boiler water level is higher than the water level of the electric heating tube. When the boiler needs water replenishment, the lady opens the steam valve to release the pressure in the furnace cavity and then replenish the water.

  2 When the electric heating tube is heated, open the steam valve to ensure the smoothness of the steam pipeline. Otherwise, the boiler pressure is too high to damage the boiler.

  3 The sizing booster pump switch must be kept in the manual position.

  4 Keep the electrical parts clean and dry. It is strictly forbidden for water to enter the distribution box, and it is forbidden to modify the circuit. 5. The power supply must be disconnected when opening the distribution box.

  6 The power supply terminal is located above the leakage protector in the upper left corner of the power distribution box below the cooking barrel.

  7. It is strictly forbidden to turn on the heating switch when it is not cooking, otherwise it will damage the boiler, and the heating switch should be turned off after cooking

The equipment is very easy to operate, through the buttons, input production instructions, from preheating, sizing, forming, steaming, oiling, skinning and other processes automation. The bean curd produced by the bean curd machine has the same shape as the hand-made bean curd, and has a uniform thickness. The gluten, taste and appearance are better than the hand-made bean curd. More importantly, a steam bean curd machine The output is equivalent to the workload of 40 workers, so the bean curd produced in this way is more competitive in the market, and the bean curd machine is therefore very concerned by entrepreneurs.