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Installation steps and precautions for oil skin machine

More and more friends advocate hand-made, oil skin machine came into being. The products made with the oil skin machine are not only delicious in color, but also no different from the taste of handmade products. The price of the machine is more in line with the affordability of most enterprises. The price of this device is generally between 5000 and 1 5000. This equipment can be used for ten years. If you need to buy soybean products equipment, you can contact the company's sales staff.

installation steps

  1. Before installation, a leakage protector should be installed on the main power supply to prevent a large amount of water from flowing out during processing and causing leakage. The ground wire should also be installed on the unit for protection.

  2. Place the motor of the soybean oil tanker against the wall and avoid inserting hands or other objects into the wheels.

[For the field investigation of the factory, we can try it out before buying the machine and then buy it. )

  3. When installing the main unit of soybean oil skin, the ground must be level, and the front, rear and left sides of the fuselage must be kept level, otherwise the thin and thick quality of the tofu skin will be affected, and the automatically folded soybean oil skin will be uneven.

  4. The connecting rod in front of the oil skin machine should be installed according to the instructions in the manual. Do not connect the rod at will, otherwise it will affect the operation of the equipment.

Pay attention when buying oil skin machine, because some parts of equipment produced in different regions are also different. So I suggest that you can choose when you are in a screening area, and then you can see which company is behind. Then we will investigate the company's products. We should not arbitrarily decide which company to choose just for cheap. This will have an impact on future use.