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Fully automatic biscuit maker finally came out

Qingzhou Jinfuwang Food Machinery Co., Ltd. has been going through many years since its founding. From the beginning of the rotary type pancake machine to the later fully automatic pancake machine and proofer, the pace of the invention has not stopped.

After years of research and development, the fully automatic biscuit machine has finally come out. The machine from cake forming to baking and baking, realizes automatic operation, not only saves labor, but also greatly improves the speed of baking cakes, the upper limit speed can reach per hour {{0 }} More than! At the same time, the baked biscuits are uniform in size, golden in color, soft on the outside and soft on the inside, which is better than artificially baked biscuits.

At present, the scones of this machine can use liquefied petroleum gas or natural gas. The next step will be to develop electric heating machines one after another to meet customers with different needs.

Fully automatic biscuit machine has realized the full automation of baking the cake blank, and is now developing the matching cake blank production automation, the cake blank automatic prototype has been formed, is being optimized and improved, and it has been possible to achieve simple and fast completion of cake dough The molding process, the machine has been listed, welcome new and old customers to visit and taste.