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Take you to know the automatic tofu machine

Related equipment for automatic tofu machine:

  1. Handmade tofu machine

  2. Pulp machine-pulp machine (40 barrel, 105 pulp machine)

product description:

Tofu originated in China and has a history of 2000 for many years. Tofu is white, tender, nutritious, and fragrant. The public likes to hear: Soy milk has a high protein content, is hygienic and convenient, has good economic benefits, and has a large market demand. Therefore, soy products such as tofu and soy milk are suitable for both seasons.

Tofu machine is a good combination of modern technology and traditional technology. The machine can produce tofu 2. 5 kg or soybean milk 8 kg per kg of soybeans, which is about 30% higher than traditional methods.

The automatic tofu machine can produce a variety of traditional tofu, tender tofu, lactone tofu, vegetable tofu, fruit tofu, colored tofu, tofu, tofu brain and a variety of nutritional soy milk, soy milk, peanut soy milk, corn soy milk, sorghum soy milk, cereal soy milk , Natural colored soy milk, etc.


  1. One machine with multiple uses: it can simultaneously produce soy products such as soy milk, bean curd, various tofu, etc.

  2. Convenient and fast: It takes only 25 minutes from the time the soybean raw materials enter the machine to the finished product. Can be operated by one person, saving time and effort, convenient and fast.

  3. Maintain nutrition: A high-temperature steam heating cooking process is used to maintain the original nutrients and taste of soy milk and make the soy milk more delicious.

  4. Do it now: Consumers can witness the entire production process from soybeans to soy milk, and really drink soy milk with confidence.

  5. Excellent quality: It adopts national standard stainless steel and famous electrical components, and its service life is at least ten years.