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How many pounds of dried tofu can be produced by a pound of beans

Many friends who are interested in our soy products equipment often ask the question, "How many pounds of tofu can you produce in this set of tofu" "How many pounds of dry tofu can be produced in one pound of beans in a dry tofu machine" Let me answer in detail.

How much tofu a pound of soybeans can produce, there are many factors that affect it, but the main thing is the level of soy protein content and the degree of refining, not depending on our tofu machine and dry tofu machine. Therefore, people who want to engage in the soybean product industry, when investigating the soybean product equipment, if it is said that my equipment can increase the output of soybean products is deceptive, this should be noted.

Judging from the production of tofu in various cities in China, the manual operation has gradually decreased, and semi-mechanization and mechanization have been initially achieved. Currently, the more mature ones are raw material soaking, refining, dry tofu splashing brain, dry tofu machine and tofu forming machine .

Let's start with soybean, the main raw material for tofu production. China has a long history of soybean cultivation, with many varieties and large areas. The protein content of soybean tofu grown in different regions is different. The production of tofu and dried tofu is different. The protein content is high. The tofu and soybean tofu produced are more. vice versa.

The nutritional content of soy products is very rich. In ancient times, tofu was compared to "little sheep", which has the general nutritional value of lamb. Its main source of nutrition is soybeans. Soy bean curd contains nearly 40% protein and a variety of nutrients. After soybeans are made into tofu or dried tofu, nutrients are more easily absorbed by the body. Therefore, choosing soybeans with good quality and high protein content to make tofu and dried tofu is not only helpful to yield, but also to people's diet and health. Those who wish to start a soy product business can use soy with high protein content to process soy products.