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Daily maintenance of imitation handmade bean hull machine

Tofu skin is a delicious and healthy ingredient. With the development of technology, the process of making tofu skin is also much simpler. The use of tofu skin machine is a kind of equipment for processing tofu skin. The imitation manual bean skin machine is easy to operate. As long as you pay more attention to maintenance, the service life can be increased. For information about tofu skin machine, please continue to pay attention to our website.

Daily maintenance of imitation handmade bean hull machine:

①Whenever we use up, we must unplug the power supply and then clean it up, because it can avoid the risk of electric shock. In addition, if the mechanical casing is dirty, do not use a wet cloth to scrub, because it will also be dangerous. So please use a dry cloth to wipe, you can use some detergent.

②Because the water quality in different parts of our country will be different, sometimes there will be condensation when making tofu or tofu skin. This is because there are more minerals in the water. If there is clot in the machine, you can use cold water and salt to clean it.

③The head of the imitation handmade bean hull machine is a key component. Do not put the machine head in water when cleaning. Because this will cause damage to the machine head, and it may also cause a short circuit situation and danger. The correct way to clean the machine head is to rinse with running water. If the equipment is aging, you need to add a little lubricant. The equipment should be stored in a dry and ventilated place to avoid the machine from being damp. The manual tofu skin machine is generally made of metal materials. If it is damp, it will damage the parts and reduce the service life of the product. Add lubricating oil regularly to make the lubrication between parts high and keep the machine running smoothly. Before starting the machine, check the parts of the machine to see if there are any problems with the parts. If you find any problems, you need to replace the parts in time. Avoid accidents during work.