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Is the material of the small tofu machine really stainless steel?

The body of the small tofu machine includes a frame, a vacuum pump, a gas path system, a cutting knife and other components. It plays an important role in the process of processing tofu products. Do you know what the characteristics of each structure are and what are their materials? Today's article, we will come to you to introduce related content.

1. Frame body: The frame body is formed by high-strength aluminum alloy structure at one time, and finished by gantry planing and gantry milling. Compared with the steel structure, the ordinary aluminum plate structure has the characteristics of high mechanical strength, stable structure, no deformation, and good precision.

2. Vacuum pump: The vacuum pump used has the characteristics of high pumping efficiency, high vacuum, low noise, stable and reliable quality, and long service life. The pumping rate is 200 m 3 / h.

3. Pneumatic system: The small-sized tofu machine's vacuum and forming pneumatic system has a novel design, which improves the working efficiency of the whole machine by more than 10%.

4. Control system: The control system adopts a color large-screen touch screen and a programmable controller to control the stepping system. The servo motor has high operating precision, and each action is coordinated automatically and stably to ensure reliable operation and simple use of the machine. Beautiful appearance, stable and reliable operation.

Fifth, mold replacement: This machine can design molds according to user requirements. The mold replacement is simple and fast, which is convenient for multi-variety and multi-specification product packaging, realizes one machine with multiple uses, and greatly improves the scope of use of the machine.

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