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Brief introduction of working process and advantages of imitation handmade bean hull machine

The working process of the imitation handmade bean hull machine is as follows:

Put the cooked soy milk in the middle of the pulp bucket to make tofu brain. The tofu brain is pumped by the brain pump into the barrel through the pipe. The tofu brain on the former flows on the cloth of the spreading device on the front side of the barrel. The cloth and the tofu brain move on the conveyor belt and the conveyor belt. The cloth on the rear side of the barrel passes through the roll The shaft is covered on the tofu brain, so that the two layers of cloth wrap the tofu brain together with the conveyor belt and move to the position of the power roller. The wrap falls in the box cover below and folds left and right. The tofu skin in the box cover 1 The layers are folded, and after the folding is completed, the lifting cylinder descends below. Then, the tofu skin in the box cover is pressed to dry the water through the press, and the tofu skin is finished.

The beneficial effects of the imitation handmade bean hull machine are:

  1, automatic production of tofu skin machine, high efficiency, safety and health, saving a lot of manpower and material resources;

  2, one-time molding, automatic folding, even brain splashing, uniform thickness of tofu skin, adjustable thickness, and simple operation, quick production and easy processing;

  3, double-layer bag cloth, more safe and hygienic;

  4. Adjustable folding length of tofu skin.

Imitation handmade bean hull machine configuration:

Pulp barrel, pipeline, brain pump, frequency conversion motor, barrel, T-shaped port, small hole, regulating valve, shaper, trolley, cloth, roller, bracket, wheel, power roller, sprocket X Sprocket Y, Sprocket Z, chain, power unit, connecting rod, box sleeve, oil cylinder, lifting cylinder, air intake hole, pallet, oil pipe, sprocket W.