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How to choose soybean when using automatic tofu machine

  0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; Tofu is a traditional Chinese food with high nutritional value, cheap price, good taste and convenient consumption. And it has continued until now, and no matter what season it will be seen on our table, whether it is cooking or hot pot, it can be said that people's demand for it is increasing, then with the development of technology, the traditional Hand-made tofu, and gradually upgrade the use of automatic tofu machine to make tofu, not only save time and effort, but also diversified tofu varieties, to achieve consumer demand for tofu products.

Soy is one of the raw materials for making tofu. Many producers are not very clear about how to choose soybeans. Let's briefly talk about how to choose soybeans for tofu made by automatic tofu machine.

As we all know, the quality of tofu depends largely on the quality of raw soybeans. Generally, all soybeans that are not mildewed or not denatured by heat can be used to make tofu regardless of Xinchen. At the same time, new soybeans with bright color, full grain, no worms and rat bites are preferred. Compared with Chen Dou, tofu made from new soybeans has high productivity, delicate texture, good elasticity and good taste. Soybeans that have been stored for too long have a rough texture, poor elasticity, poor water retention, and dark color. However, the newly harvested soybeans are not suitable for use. They should be stored for 2-3 months before use. Ideally, the soybeans should be stored under conditions for 3-9 months.

In addition, soybeans should be selected with high protein content, so tofu made with tofu machine can improve the productivity of tofu.

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