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What are the advantages of dry tofu machine?

Buy tofu machine,Dry tofu machineIt is very important to buy from the manufacturer. Most of the equipment for buying soybean products is to be engaged in the soybean product industry. I am fancy with the development prospects of the soybean product industry. Can not operate, or the tofu and dried tofu are not good in taste, bad in appearance, and cannot make money if they are not sold.
When purchasing tofu and dry tofu machines from manufacturers, the quality is basically guaranteed. Now with the rise of the soybean product industry, the production of soybean product equipment has gradually increased, and regular manufacturers should be selected for purchase.
If you buy a dry tofu machine and don't learn how to use it, the dry tofu machine you bought is a pile of stainless steel.

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What are the advantages of dry tofu machine? Let us take a look.
  1. Automatic refining: Dry tofu machine can be equipped with single-grind combined refining machine, double-grind combined refining machine, fully automatic horizontal triple continuous grinding combination, fully automatic vertical triple continuous grinding combination, automatic stirring, The functions of automatic bean suction, residue loading and automatic pulp suction realize the separation of pulp residue, so that the soybean milk flows into the spare stainless steel pulp bucket without manual filtering of the pulp residue. The use of slag loading machine saves labor and reduces the labor of the operator. The operation is simple, stable and reliable.
  2. Automatic pumping: The ground soybean milk can be directly transferred into the cooking pot by the pump, which is convenient, fast, time-saving and labor-saving.
  3. Automatic cooking: all types of cooking pots can be automatically selected according to customer needs. The heating methods can be diesel boilers, electric boilers, gas stoves, and coal-fired boilers, depending on the customer ’s local environmental protection requirements or actual conditions. It depends. The cooking process is fully automated, and there is no need to care. As long as the temperature is set before cooking, the cooking can be easily done. The time is fast, the bean flavor is rich, and the taste is full.
  4. Automatic pumping: The automatic dry tofu machine does not need artificial brain, as long as the switch is lightly pressed, the automatic brain pumping can be realized, so that the circular production greatly saves labor and improves production efficiency.
  5. Auto-splashing molding: The automatic dry tofu machine automatically stirs the brain and splashing, which can be easily completed by one person. Large-scale can produce 300 kg per hour, medium-sized can produce {{2} } Kg, small 70 kg per hour, imitation manual can produce 40 kg per hour, depending on the actual situation.
  6. Automatic unpacking: One-click separation of bean cloth, simple and energy-saving operation, low breakage rate, labor saving, safe and reliable, greatly improved production efficiency and strong stability