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Why develop an automatic tofu machine?

Tofu needs a lot of labor in the past production process. The cumbersome operation process greatly affects the production efficiency of products, and the profit space cannot be increased. People need to use a lot of labor to make tofu, which requires the development of automatic tofu machines. With the development of science and technology, the emergence of pulp mills in China has increased the step-wise benefits of tofu production. People have transitioned from the original hand-pushed pulp to the motor-driven automatic refining, but the latter still uses the traditional manual pressing operation.

The main reason affecting the benefit of China's tofu industry is the backwardness of production technology and methods. Traditional soybean food is the representative of our history and culture. However, according to the standards of modern food, there are many unclear and unreasonable factors in processing technology and product quality. It is these factors that have influenced its improvement and development. Therefore, traditional soybean food needs modernization. .

Now, it is not difficult to open a small and medium-sized tofu shop. Thousands of dollars of equipment and two employees can be put into production. Now the tofu industry has low investment and high profits, which is very popular among the masses.

The automatic tofu machine integrates the production of tofu, tofu, and tofu. It automatically grinds and heats the tofu. At the same time, it uses an air pump to fully automate the pressing part, making the production of tofu save time, effort, and worry. Let the tofu market have room to make money!

The task of modernizing traditional soybean food is to standardize and standardize. There are differences in production processes and product quality requirements between different regions of the same product and different producers in the same region. In terms of product names and production operation terminology, there are many variations between different regions, which is quite confusing. Therefore, it is necessary to use an automatic tofu machine to modernize, standardize and standardize soybean products.

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